centos 64位版本自从6.x开始,iso文件大小超过了4g,如果用u盘安装,则需要比较繁复的制作过程。 可以选择安装minimal的,只有300多M的iso。


yum groupinstall “X Window System”
yum groupinstall “Desktop”
yum groupinstall “Chinese Support”


升级到CentOS 6.4后,ATI显卡带来的麻烦

没多想就执行了一个yum update。 kernel升级了,系统版本号也升级到了6.4。
重启后发现不能进入系统,卡在starting atd…

最后在CentOS的release notes上看到:

The proprietary drivers for older AMD ( former ATI ) video cards, namely the 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx series ( both integrated in motherboards or standalone cards) are not compatible with the new version of the X server introduced in CentOS-6.4. As of mid-March 2013 the only known workaround allowing the use of the proprietary drivers is to downgrade the X server ( xorg* packages ) to the versions available in CentOS 6.3. More details about the extensive investigation around this issue is available here. Make sure that you do not allow yum to upgrade again the packages that have been downgraded by adding the following to the end of /etc/yum.conf exclude=xorg* Note that use of proprietary drivers was never needed for CentOS-6 if all you wanted was a dual-monitor setup. See this FAQ entry for more details on using a dual-monitor setup.

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